Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

The City established the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Unit (FWA Unit) within the Controller’s Office to identify, prevent and deter losses of City funds and resources. Reports of allegations of fraud, waste and abuse that relate to or impact City resources can be made to the Controller’s Fraud Hotline.

Otherwise, report personal fraud, waste or abuse to LAPD at
or by phone at 1-877-ASK-LAPD.

To make an online report please click New Report above. We encourage users to file a report online as you will have the ability to upload documents and information, respond to questions from our unit, and provide additional details if new information becomes available. Otherwise, to make a report by phone during business hours, call (866) 428-1514.

Examples of Types of Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Accounting Fraud

Alteration, destruction, or omission of records in order to misstate financial performance or transactions. For example, an employee enters false information into a City financial or accounting system.

Bribery or Kickbacks

When a person gives something of value to a public employee in order to improperly affect that individual’s official actions and receive some type of preferential treatment. For example, paying a City employee to obtain a contract with the City.

Contractor Fraud

Fraud committed by a City contractor where the City is the victim. For example, a contractor bills the City for services it never provided or inflates the value of its services.


The extravagant or excessive expenditure of City funds above and beyond the level that is reasonably required to meet the needs of the City, or the consumption or use of City resources that is not knowingly authorized. For example, wasteful purchasing of items that end up unused.


The improper use of City resources in a manner contrary to law or City policy, or the improper use of one’s position for private gain or advantage for themselves or any other person where not otherwise lawful. For example, using City computers to work on one’s personal business.

Contractor Selection Concerns

Allegation of unfair awarding of a contract or selection of a contractor. For example, an employee awards a contract without following City or departmental contracting policies.

Falsified Records

Altering records from their original state to a falsified condition. For example, an employee submits a falsified invoice in order to receive reimbursement.

Payroll Fraud

Manipulating the time or payroll system to receive payment not earned. For example, an employee records overtime not worked in order to receive additional pay.

Theft of City Resources

Taking, using or misappropriating City resources without permission. For example, using City equipment for personal use.

Report Other Types of Allegations

Reports may contain several different types of allegations, including allegations within and outside of the Controller’s FWA Unit’s jurisdiction. The Controller’s Fraud Hotline can intake these other types of allegations, but they may be referred to the department with specific jurisdiction over the allegations.

City Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission has the authority to investigate violations of state and City laws regarding campaign financing, lobbying, governmental ethics, misuse of City position and conflicts of interest. In addition, the Ethics Commission has jurisdiction to investigate whistleblower retaliation. Information about each of those areas of law is available at
To make a report, contact the City Ethics Commission at

Discrimination and Harassment

The Personnel Department Office of Workplace Equity is responsible for investigating violations of the Equitable Workplace Standards (discrimination and harassment based on protected categories).
To make a report, contact the Personnel Department via the MyVoiceLA website at For additional resources, please visit

Utility Scam

When scammers pose as utility workers, either over the phone or in person, with the goal of swindling money from unsuspecting individuals.
To make a report, contact LADWP Security Services at (213) 367-3373 or LAPD at (877) 275-5273.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has notified customers of scammers posing as employees and urges customers to hang up on any suspicious calls, even if the phone number looks familiar, and dial LADWP directly at 1-800-DIAL-DWP (342-5397) to ensure you are connected to LADWP’s call center. LADWP will never ask customers to make payments with a prepaid debit card, gift card or any form of cryptocurrency over the phone to avoid service disconnection.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Workers’ compensation fraud involves providing false or misleading information to obtain workers’ compensation benefits to which a person is not legally entitled. For example, an employee pretends to have an injury in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits. To make a report, contact L.A. City Attorney’s Office Workers’ Compensation Division at (213) 473-9050

Utility Tampering or Theft

Stealing or inappropriately tampering with City water or utility services. To make a report, contact LADWP at